Sunday, November 14, 2010

Scarecrow Song and Leaf Hunt

We have continued to run a grocery store from our classroom this week. Everyone is getting very skilled at checking out the groceries and also putting them back. I am amazed everyday by how the kids realize yogurt goes in the refrigerated section and hamburger buns go in the bread section.

I hope you have been able to spend some time with your child at the store pointing out the different sections and discussing what items belong in which section.

We also took advantage of the beautiful weather this week in the afternoon class to go on a Leaf Hunt with Miss Kate as part of our speech group. We partnered up and walked around the neighborhood to look for specific leaf colors. We had to coordinate looking at our checklist, finding the leaves, putting them in our bags, crossing them off the list and keeping track of what we still needed to find! We all found all of the colors!

Here are videos of us singing our fall-Scarecrow song!

AM Class

PM Class

Home/School Connection
This week I want you to pick out 4 items out of your cabinet/refrigerator at home (with your child), and have your child tell you the name, and what section it belongs in at the store and how they know. Please write down their answers and send them in to us at school. This is a good opportunity to get your child thinking and explaining his/her reasoning.

Check out our slideshow of pictures below!

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