Saturday, January 29, 2011

Penguins Galore!

This is a Macaroni Penguin.
We like to call them Macaroni and Cheese penguins in our class!

This week we wrapped up our penguin unit. We continued to fish in the discovery zone and build icebergs in the Construction Zone. Some friends had the idea to draw penguins by taking books from Circle Time to Literacy Lane and looking at the books for ideas.

We helped feed Emperor penguins during a small group. Our daddy Emperor penguins were staying home with their eggs and the moms were out fishing. We counted fish to feed to the daddy penguins. We practiced counting out a specified number of objects by counting out the number of fish that matched the numeral on our penguin. Then we ate the yummy fish!

Check out our pictures from this week and last!

You can enjoy a 5 Little Penguins Song in this YouTube Video.

Here is a song that teaches all about penguins!

Another Penguin Song

Sunday, January 9, 2011

It's cold in here!

This week we transitioned back to school from winter break. We also began our new , very cold, unit! We are turning our classroom into the arctic!

Some of us wanted to build ice bergs for our arctic animals, so we cut apart white paper and wrapped it around blocks from our Construction Zone. Now we have chunks of ice to build ice bergs!

We also learned that Emperor Penguins are about the size of a preschooler. They are the biggest penguins! We traced a few of us on big white paper and turned our bodies into penguins and then painted them. We will put them in the Construction Zone and see how many blocks it takes to reach the height of an Emperor Penguin!

In the morning class we learned vocabulary for winter clothing. We did this by trying on Ms. Stephanie's jacket, boots, gloves, and scarf!

In our Discovery Zone, we are fishing because we learned that penguins eat fish as their food!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Gingerbread Man Song

Happy New Year from Ms. Stephanie's Class!

I hope your winter break is going very well and you are well rested for school to start back up again on January 3rd.

Enjoy our Gingerbread Man song during your last few days of winter break!