Monday, April 29, 2013

Surprise Police Visit

We had a surprise visit last week!

One day during work time, someone knocked on our door, and it was the Bartlett police!

Miss Stephanie had tweeted to them about getting stickers for us. They gave us a surprise visit with police badge stickers!

The sign for "Police"

Planting Seeds and Bulbs

We started exploring the stages of how a plant grows!

We planted two types of plants: lima bean seeds and gladiola bulbs.

We talked about the things plants need to grow: sun and water. We talked about how we could help the plants with those things. We have been giving them water with the spray bottle. And we put them in the window for sun!

We are excited to see what starts to happen with the plants and roots from the things we planted!

Do you have any plants at home? The U-46 Give Me Five Facebook shared this idea for growing seeds!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Being the Mailman

This week we decided to support the US Postal Services.

We have been talking about Community Helpers and this week we focused on mailmen. Each student wrote a letter to his/her parents. We talked about the different vocabulary words such as: letter, envelope, and stamp.  We practiced writing the word "Dear" at the top of the letter.

One afternoon we took a walking fieldtrip to the neighborhood mailbox.We had a lot of fun talking about the process: drop letter in mailbox, mailman picks it up, mailman brings it to the post office, mailman brings to your house.

I am trying out a new slideshow website. Let me know how it works for you!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Puzzle Teamwork

We worked together one afternoon to put together a puzzle as a group! We did a great job working with each other!

Shaving Cream Fun!

We have had some fun with shaving cream a few times in the last few weeks!

Shaving cream is a great activity with kids because they get a great sensory experience! We practiced writing names, writing letters, writing shapes, and just having fun!