Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ahoy! I see me some pirate vocabulary!

Ahoy mateys! We began our pirate unit this week!

We have spent the last week turning our classroom into an adventurous pirate ship! We have been  enjoying going on a swashbuckling adventure to find treasure!

In our pirate ship we have:
-a boat we made
-a pirate flag with a Jolly Roger on it (skull and cross bones)
-telescopes (made out of paper towel tubes)
-gold doubloons
-a treasure chest
-eye patches

Here are some of our vocabulary words from this week:

Here are a few pictures from our class:

You can check out a cute video on youtube here:

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Up, Tall, and High AND Building

 Last week we read the book Up, Tall, and High several times. 

This book won the 2013 Theodor S. Geisel Award.

Do you know who Theodore S. Geisel is?

Dr. Seuss!

Back to THIS book....
The book is about some birds who show off being up, down, high, low, tall and small. As we read the book, we each had some toy animals in our hands. We practiced moving them around to match the words in the story. And we practiced saying and using all the words!

Also, after the Up, Tall, and High pictures, you will notice that we did a building activity later in the week!

Check it out:

Singing Pete the Cat

One day recently, as we were cleaning up from the centers and moving to the Circle Time rug, the kids spontaneously started singing Pete the Cat. I quickly grabbed my camera and got part of their spontaneous rendition on camera!

Click here to see the video of Miss Erin and me reading and signing it!

Valentine's Day

Yes, this post is a little late!

But we did have a great day on Valentine's Day!

We all brought valentine cards for our friends. Many of us worked really hard at home to practice writing our own names and our friends name. To pass them out, we sat in a circle. We each looked at our valentine's and practiced reading and saying our friends' names. Then we passed them out and practiced saying "thank you" each time! We were SO SO SO excited about this. It was more exciting even than getting presents!

You can see the sign for Valentine's Day here.

Valentine's Day signs from Signing Time here! We use the sign for "Valentine's Day" like the Signing Saavy one above.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What do we know about penguins?

During two of the small groups today we did a Smartboard activity reviewing what we know about penguins.

The Smartboard had a picture of an egg, baby, penguin eating, and group of penguins to help us categorize what we said. 

We came up with as many facts about penguins that we know off the top of our heads. Then we looked at some of our non-fiction books and the pictures helped us think of other facts. 

We were very excited to print off copies of this and bring home to share with our families!

Snowmen at Night in Sign Language

Because it is winter and last week we had QUITE a bit of snow, we thought Snowmen at Night would be another great story to share with our students.

What do YOU think snowmen do at night!?!

Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus in Sign

We love the Pigeon books because we love to yell, "No!" at the book when the pigeon asks to drive the bus! Here you can see Miss Erin and Miss Stephanie reading about that silly Pigeon!

Llama Llama Red Pajama in Sign

Another favorite in our class is Llama Llama Red Pajama. We had a Red Pajama day last year and you can read the post here.

Here is the story:

Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons Story in Sign

Back by popular demand!

More YouTube videos!

Though Miss Stephanie and Miss Erin get a little embarrassed about reading and signing for the video camera, we know our students love these videos!

For other posts about how much we love Pete the Cat, click here!

Presenting....Pete the Cat and his Four Groovy Buttons!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Counting Fish

We did a counting activity this week with penguin numbers and little blocks. We pretended the blocks were fish. We counted out blocks and then fed them to our penguins!

You can check out this penguin counting song on youtube here:

Stay tuned!
Miss Erin and I videotaped some new stories this week. They will be posted to our YouTube Channel soon!

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