Sunday, January 29, 2012

Circus and Snowmen

In addition to our Circus fun this week, we also had a lot of fun exploring snowmen!

Check out these website to participate in some fun interactive fun with your child!

Build a snowman
Snowman online coloring page
Build another snowman

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Circus Vocabulary

Miss Erin and I recorded another video to help you learn some of our Circus vocabulary. First we review our circus words and then read the book "Ringmaster, Ringmaster, What Do You See?"

You can watch it in the presentation below, or on YouTube here: Ringmaster, Ringmaster, Who Do You See?
(We like to embed the OneTrueMedia presentations into the blog entries because they are visible from the school computers.)

Take some time at home to talk about the circus vocabulary. We made a book this week. We each wrote about what job we would have at the circus if we worked there and why. 
-Tell your child which role you would want to play. 
-Ask your child about what he/she would want to do. Ask why. 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Colors at the Circus

In our last post you see the clown hats that we made while reading along with the book "Colors at the Circus". You can watch it at YouTube here: Colors at the Circus

Or you can watch it in the presentation below:

-Talk about the colors with your child. 
-Play "I Spy" to come up with other colors in your house that match the colors we talk about here. 
-Think of other items at the circus that could have those same colors. 
-Find pictures in magazines or books that have the same colors. 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Welcome To Our 3 Ring Circus

We continued our Circus theme this week. We have had fun exploring all of the different "jobs" at the circus. We have been:
tight rope walkers
ring masters
lion tamers

Pictures of us enjoying our Circus during work time:

Pictures of us as a clown:
We made clown hats by putting colored circles on our white hats. Miss Stephanie read a book that talked about different colors that we see at the circus. As Miss Stephanie read each page, we had to find the colored circle that matched and put it on our hat. We loved making our hats and gathered with our classroom clown to take a group picture!

Making our clown hats:

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pete the Cat

Check out Miss Erin and Miss Stephanie reading "Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes" by Eric Litwin.
You can watch on YouTube right here: Pete the Cat in Sign Language

You can see our other post about Pete the Cat here.

It has become one of our favorite books to read in class. You can always find at least 2 students at the Listening Center reading AND singing along with the book during centers time.

Even the students in our deaf and hard of hearing class LOVE using the Listening Center. Thanks to modern technology, we are able to hook up Miss Stephanie's microphone to the Listening Center and the CD is transmitted right to our hearing aids and cochlear implants to help us follow along with the story!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Pete the Cat and Story Expansion

This week we read the story Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes several times.

Here you can see Miss Stephanie reading and signing the story:

After reading the story a few times we talked about our own shoes and how we love our own shoes. We each sang about the type of shoes we were wearing! Some of us had white shoes, pink shoes, black boots, rainbow shoes, Spiderman shoes, and even Buzz shoes!



This is just one example of how you can take a story and expand on it at home! Ask your child how THEY relate to the story.

Another great way to encourage your child to develop his/her literacy skills is to have your child look at a book and tell the story without words. Some kids will say "I don't know what the words say" and some will jump right in. Encourage your child to look at the pictures and try his/her best to tell the story by using clues they see in the pictures. Understanding that pictures give us clues is a great first step to reading!

Here you can see a video of two students in the afternoon who were sitting independently in the library area reading a story together. Miss Stephanie thought it was a great moment, so she got out her camera and had them start from the beginning.

It is OK if the plot of the story isn't the same. Using pictures as clues to try to understand the story is a great tool! Try it at home this weekend. Pull out a picture book and tell your child, "Read to me!". 

Here you can see a Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes YouTube performance:  

 Check out another Pete the Cat video here:   

For more Pete activities you can click here: 
color the shoes

What We Know About the Circus

We started our unit on the Circus this week. Before we started talking about the circus, Miss Stephanie told each of us to tell her something we know about the circus (in the afternoon). 

NP-There's elephants there.
MV-There funny clowns. 
NR-People watch silly clowns and eat popcorn. 
CP-There giraffes.
JB-The clowns.
MM-The elephants play and everyone sits quiet.
EK-The elephant jump.
PG-The clown can juggle.
JP-Elephant drivin' the car.
MP-A cars honk. 
JR-Silly Clowns.
KP-Elephants dance.
CH-I ate popcorn too. 

Ideas for home:
-Find books at the library about the circus and read them. 
-Find pictures on the Internet of the circus and talk about them. 
-Draw pictures of what you think the circus looks like.