Sunday, November 21, 2010

Finishing Grocery Store and Thanksgiving Song

This week we finished up our Grocery Store unit and also talked a lot about Thanksgiving. We know that all families celebrate differently with their own customs, but we also talked about traditional Thanksgiving foods.

On Friday, some of the PM kids volunteered to work in the Grocery Store to turn it back into a house. We broke down the boxes and put them in recycling. We put the food back where it belongs. And now we have a house again! We are going to have a few days of house again before we turn it into our next project...a bakery!

Home/School Connection
Talk with your child about your family's Thanksgiving traditions (from large family gatherings to a normal day at home). Have your child tell you 5-10 sentences about what your family does on Thanksgiving and write them together. Then have your child draw a picture of those traditions. Please send them back when we get back on November 29th.

On Friday we sang our Thanksgiving song together and here are the videos!

On Thanksgiving-AM Class

On Thanksgiving-PM Class

Pictures from this week:

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