Sunday, November 7, 2010

At The Grocery Store

We had a great week setting up and learning how to play in our Grocery Store!

We have turned our Pretend Palace into a Grocery Store. When we play in the Pretend Palace, we take turns being the cashier, bagger, and shoppers! We have a cart and some baskets and we walk around the store looking at all of the different sections. Then we put our items on the conveyor belt. Then the cashier rings us up on the cash register and tells us how much to pay. They groceries get bagged and we are sent on our merry way!

But that is not all. Then we have to go back and practice our categorizing skills by putting all of the groceries back in the right section.

Sections we have so far:
snack foods
bakery (cookies, cake, muffins, sweets)
refrigerated section (cheese, butter, eggs, yogurt)
frozen section (ice cream)

We are getting really good at sorting the food!

-While you are at the store this week with your child, point out the different sections of the store to help him/her make the connections between real life and what we are doing at school.
-Grocery Shopping is prime time for language development with your child. While you are at the store, make sure you are talking to your child the whole time. Point out the foods you see and talk about why you are picking certain items and not others. Talk about the options and the parts of the store. Point out the people working in the store. Ask your child questions about what he/she sees and thinks about what he/she sees.

Home/School Connection
On Friday your child came home with an ad from the newspaper. Just like we did at school this week, your homework is to go on a number hunt with your child. Cut out the number cards (0-9) and take turns picking them. Find all the numbers in the ad that match that number! Find the big ones and see if you can even find the teeny tiny ones! Make sure to send it in to school!

Here is a video of a lady teaching some grocery store signs. Some of the signs are a little different from what we do (such as cereal) but they are a great starting point.

American Sign Language: Grocery Shopping -- powered by

Enjoy the pictures from this week:

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