Saturday, October 30, 2010

Video and Blog Award

Two posts in one week?!?

On Friday, we enjoyed a special presentation of the book The Little Old Lady Who Wasn't Afraid of Anything by Ms. Jill's class. That is one of my VERY favorite books and we have been reading it the last couple weeks. We REALLY enjoyed the presentation.

You can enjoy it too at home with the video below (make sure to follow along with the movements!):

Also, I have been honored with a blog award for one of the best Pre-school blogs in the midwest region. I received an email with the following:

MissStephanie's Pre School Class, was determined to be one of the best Pre-K class blogs in your region!You can see other great teaching blogs in your region here

Very exciting! I received a special badge to put on our blog:

Friday, October 29, 2010

Go Away Big Green Monster!

We spent Thursday all day celebrating with our Go Away Big Green Monster party. We read the book during the week and then had a blast participating in activities to go along with it.

Some of the things we did:
-Play "Pin the nose on the big green monster"
-Read the book and other monster books by the same author
-Make a monster face by following directions
-Make a monster face for snack and then eat it
-Dance to monster songs
-Go through a monster obstacle course in the gym

Throughout all of the activities we worked on remember parts of the story and using multiple adjectives to describe his facial features.

Two big yellow eyes
long blueish greenish nose
big red mouth
sharp white teeth
little squiggly ears
scraggly purple hair
big scary green face

Start thinking about other descriptors you can use with your child while you are taking. Consider making a game of it! Try to name objects in your house, signs you see while driving in the car, and people you know using adjectives (describing words).

"Look at the big, red, brick house!"
"Do you see the small, yellow, sign with the M on it?"
"Dad has a scratchy, brown and grey mustache"

Home-School Connection
Think of 10 sentences that contain describing words that your family comes up with over the weekend. Write them down and send them into school on Monday. Your child will be able to share it with his/her class.

AM Class

PM Class

A grandma on YouTube reading the story:

Monday, October 25, 2010

Classroom Work

We have been working hard the last two weeks on all kinds of activities to show off our skills.

Here is a slideshow of us working on counting and working at centers:

Last week in the afternoon, we had several kids who were working in the Small Toys area. They started linking chains together and they reached across our room. One of the students had an idea to take the long chain out in the hallway to see how long it was. It reached almost down the entire hallway! After laying out the whole chain, we decided to lay down on the ground and see how many kids tall the chain was. We found out that it was 7 kids tall!

Don't forget to take time this week to work on sorting and following directions activities with your child. The leaf activity we participated in is a great starting off point to think of various types of directions to give. We are working on our thinking skills and processing these directions really gets us thinking! You can do this while eating an after school snack:

-Find one cracker.
-Put two raisins on 1 cracker and eat it.
-Put two crackers in front of you.
-Put one raisin on each cracker.
-Take one raisin off one cracker.
-Eat the cracker that does not have a raisin on it.

You can do it with anything!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Apple Song

We had another apple filled week last week. We have been practicing our apple song all month and we all sang it together on videotape. Check out our performance below! We also participated in many apple activities, including matching uppercase letters of the alphabet after picking them off of an apple tree!

Singing the apple song in the PM class:

Singing the apple song in the AM class:

Our slideshow:

Monday, October 4, 2010

Apple Picking Time

This week we continued to talk about apples and fall related themes. We participated in a lot of fun apple activities this week, but our favorite part of the week was music time on Friday. We really enjoyed learning how to use the rhythm sticks and following along with the beat. After we did that, we each got to try a different instrument and we paraded around our classroom playing our instruments! Boy were we noisy! But it was a blast and we enjoyed making music.

Check out our pictures!