Thursday, March 19, 2009

Good-bye to the Ocean

This week we took down the ocean and turned our room back into a classroom. Although we were a little sad to see the jellyfish go, we were excited to have our trains and blocks back in the construction zone! We started off the week with Picture Day and everyone looked great! (Don't forget that orders are due April 1). We enjoyed some St. Patrick's day activities this week as well as some alphabet centers. We celebrated two birthdays in the T/Th class, so there there are some fun pictures of cupcake eating!

Have a great spring break!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Our new rug!

You may have noticed it in pictures in the last few slideshows, but I want to officially announce that we got our new rug from! Thanks to the generosity of some of the families of students in our classes and also donors who are strangers, we received a beautiful new rug for the circle time area. The kids were SO excited when the rug arrived. They love to have a fun and colorful new place to sit and we have had a great time practicing letters and sounds. It is great to hear them saying things like, "I'm on the rabbit. It makes the /r/ sound!" or "The letter of the week is W! I am sitting on the W!". Thanks again to those of you who donated!


Don't forget that it is your last chance to order Independence Ducklings Spirit Wear! Order forms are due on Wednesday. The handprint logo is on the front left chest and the ducklings are on the back and it says "Ducklings". It is a great way to show school spirit for kids and parents!

Relaxing on the Beach

We continued to enjoy the ocean this week with a kick off to the week of finishing Finding Nemo. We had a lot of fun noticing the ocean animals that we have been learning about over the last several weeks. We also talked about St. Patrick's Day and played some St. Patrick's Day games!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

5 Cranky Crabs

Miss Stephanie says that she is sorry she didn't update the blog last weekend. But better late than never! Here are our pictures from last week. One of our favorite parts of the week was making cranky crabs to decorate our hallway-turned-ocean (we have been practicing the fingerplay "5 Cranky Crabs". We also enjoyed the beautiful weather on Friday! In the slideshow you will see pictures of the daffodils we planted in the fall that are starting to grow!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Rainbow Fish

We continued to play under the ocean this week. One of our favorite activities of the week was mixing colors, reading the story The Rainbow Fish, and then painting rainbow fish with the new colors we made. We watched colors mix together to learn that:

red + yellow = orange
blue + red = purple
yellow + blue = green