Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pumpkins and Castles

(edited at 10:00 on 10/25)

At the end of this week we took a walking fieldtrip to Miss Stephanie's nearby pumpkin patch. We walked through the "jungle" path to get there and had funny discussions about the types of animals we might see. The only animals we ended up seeing were squirrels! When we got there, we saw LOTS of pumpkins! First we looked in the barn and saw pumpkins on the hay wagon. We all got to sit on the hay wagon in the middle of the pumpkins. Miss Stephanie told us there used to be hundreds of pumpkins on there, but most of them were sold. Then we got to sit on the John Deere tractor and pretend we were pulling the hay wagon! After that, we looked at the pumpkins sitting outside the barn and took a picture there too. Then we ran into the pumpkin patch and saw pumpkins still growing on vines. We learned that after the vines start growing yellow flowers start blooming. Underneath the flowers little green fruit starts forming. Even though it kind of looks like watermelon, we learned that the little green fruit turns into BIG orange pumpkins! After we were done exploring the pumpkin patch, we were each allowed to find one pumpkin to bring back. We learned NOT to carry them by the stem, because then it can break. We carried our pumpkins like babies (from underneath).

When we got back to school, we painted our pumpkins! Some of us painted our pumpkins all one color. Others of us put all the colors onto every part of our pumpkin! Others painted their pumpkins and then painted faces on them. We are excited to let them dry over the weekend and then bring them home Monday and Tuesday!

We had a lot of fun at the pumpkin patch! We hope you enjoy our pictures. The slideshow is long, so feel free to skip to the portion that contains your child's class!

Although the pumpkin patch was a blast, we also had a lot of fun this week continuing our castle theme. Check out our newsletter for specific details of the activities we participated in.

One of the activities we really enjoyed this week was the book "We're Going on a Dragon Hunt". Check out Miss Erin's blog to download a copy of the book. She created the book and shared it with us so we could make our own copy. We had a lot of fun guessing who was under the flap and then reading it on our own during work time.

At the computer center this week, we had a couple of fun castle themed online games. Click on the links below to play at home.

Snap Dragon-Same/Different Game

Hatch-Matching Game

Here are pictures of the rest of our fun this week!
(Turn on your sound, this is a fun song!)

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