Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fun in the Castle

This week we continued to have a lot of fun with our castle theme. We had 2 noble steeds added to our pretend play area along with a very cool Brave Knight costume. There was a lot of role playing throughout the week with these additions. Here are some pictures of the fun we had this week:

This week we also got messy in shaving cream. We had to move the shaving cream around with our hands in order to find pictures taped to the table. Miss Stephanie said, "Find the Pretty Princess" and "Find the Castle". After we found all of the pictures, then she said things like, "Find the one who lives in a stable" and "Find the one who is married to the king". After that, we practiced writing our names in the shaving cream and also writing the letter of the week (E and e). Everyone had fun! Even our friends who were a little unsure about getting messy ended up diving right in!

Here are some videos of castle fun this week. You can see some of us looking at pictures in the books to get an idea of how to build a castle. You can also see some of us playing with the knight action figures!

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