Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Our Friend the Bat

In the Pumpkin Patch post from last week, we gave you a sneak peak at our friend the bat! Here you can check our a slideshow with pictures of exploring the bat. We also read some books about bats.

We learned that different kinds of bats eat different things. Some of the things include:
-blood (just vampire bats)

We learned that bats sleep hanging upside down by their feet. 

We learned that bats are usually awake at night and sleep during the day.

We learned that mommy bats carry their baby bats around until they learn to fly.

When we explored the bat, we used a magnifying glass to see it up close. We thought the feet were really cute!

Now the bat sits in our classroom in a glass mason jar that doesn't get opened and the jar keeps the bat safe from poking fingers. Don't worry, the bat is dead!

Click here to see pictures in sign language of how to sign bat.

You can watch the YouTube Video of the book Stellaluna right here (about a little bat).

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