Thursday, October 25, 2012

Firefighter Visit, Safety Tips, and Fire Sign Language

Today we had a visit from the local firefighters.

Some important things we learned:

 If there is a fire or smoke, you should “get low and go”. (crawl outside)

Fire is hot and can hurt you, you shouldn’t go near it.

If there is a fire, you need to get OUT of the house. No going back for dogs, cats, pets, or toys.

You should have a meeting place to go outside if there is a fire.

Kids should not play with fire.

The smoke detector will make a loud nose if there is smoke, you should go outside. (Today-take some time to show your children the smoke detectors. Make sure they are working!)

Firemen are NOT scary even when they are dressed up! Firemen are nice even when they look scary (like in the pictures below)!

Click on this picture to see important signs about fire safety!

Other pictures of us walking around the fire truck:

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