Friday, April 20, 2012

Our New Classmates-Life Cycle of a Ladybug

You may have heard that we have a bunch of new classmates....
of the insect variety!

They arrived on Thursday and we have been excited about them ever since. The afternoon class still doesn't not know what they are! The morning class did get let in on the secret though.

Both classes drew in their journals when we first saw our new friends. They drew pictures of what they insects look like now. The afternoon class also predicted what they thought the bugs were going to be when they got older.

Some guesses:
-big ant
-big spider

The afternoon class drew pictures of their predication in their journals as well.

They were told today that if they went on the classroom website this weekend, they would be able to find out what our new classmates will be when they grow up!

We are going to learn about the stages of a.....


Check out the clip below to see pictures from our ladybug fun! You will see:
-Us seeing them in the tube they arrived in (they are tiny!) Right now some are in the egg stage and some are in the larval stage. Those are called larvae. They crawl all around. 
-Us drawing pictures of what we see in tube (PM) or in the ladybug habitat (AM)]
-Us (PM) drawing pictures of what we think these little bugs will become!

Make sure your child has a chance to see the blog post this weekend so he/she can come back on Monday and share that he/she knows what they will become when they are done with their lifecycle!

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