Sunday, April 15, 2012

Exploring Different Objects

Check out the most recent slideshow of some of the interesting things we have been doing over the last few weeks. 

Things to notice: 
-Exploring rocks with our eyes (using magnifying glasses) and touch (using our hands). We tried to come up with as many different ways to explain what we noticed as possible and write them down. You can see our list below. 
-Exploring lids and their containers. We did an activity matching up containers to their various sized lids. We talked about why we thought different lids would fit with different containers based on size, shape, and way the lid was put on (push it on or twist it on). 
-Coming up with our own ideas about what to put in the messy table and getting the materials out by ourselves. 

"What do you think?" is one of the most often used phrases in our classroom. It has really helped us come up with our own ideas and brainstorm all kinds of new ideas. Try it out at home when your child comes to you with a question. We have gotten some pretty intelligent and creative answers!

Here you can see the morning class breaking out into singing the alphabet song during snack time all on their own. Miss Stephanie grabbed the camera really fast!

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