Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Valentine's Day Fun

Check out the photos from our Valentine's Day celebration last week.

First, we passed out valentines to our friends. We took the time to look at the cards we brought in and gave them out to our friends. When our friends handed us a card, we made sure to say "thank you" each time.

After that, we had our work time. During work time, Miss Stephanie called a few of us over at a time and we graphed valentine hearts. We each had a cup of hearts with various colors. We laid them out on the graphing sheet by color. Some of us read the color words and some of us had colored squares to help match them.

We talked about each of our graphs. Each one was different!

Questions we asked:
-Which color has the most?
-How do you know?
-Which one is the least?
-How do you know?
-Are any of them tied?

Some of us counted the hearts.
Some of us drew lines to see which ones were the most and which ones were the least.
Some of us used our fingers to figure out most and least.

PM Class

AM Class

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