Monday, February 13, 2012

Day In the Life-Circle Time (AM)

Welcome to our new series!
"A Day in the Life of Miss Stephanie's Class"

Last week we videotaped our circle time so our families can see a glimpse of what we do during the day! Our circle time consists of the following parts:

letter of the week
daily message
counting jar

You can see each part of our circle time in a separate video. 

There will be other posts coming in the coming weeks so you can see: Work time, snack time, play plans, and sign-in!

You will notice that the audio has been edited to remove kids' names. I try not to pair kids' faces with their names on this website. 

The kids are VERY excited about the videos and sharing them with you at home. 

-Watch with your child. 
-Ask questions about "what" we are doing "why" we are doing that. 
-Point out things you see around the room and at circle time and ask about them.

We hope you enjoy getting a glimpse of us in the classroom!

Letter of the Week
Daily Message
Counting Jar

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