Friday, January 6, 2012

What We Know About the Circus

We started our unit on the Circus this week. Before we started talking about the circus, Miss Stephanie told each of us to tell her something we know about the circus (in the afternoon). 

NP-There's elephants there.
MV-There funny clowns. 
NR-People watch silly clowns and eat popcorn. 
CP-There giraffes.
JB-The clowns.
MM-The elephants play and everyone sits quiet.
EK-The elephant jump.
PG-The clown can juggle.
JP-Elephant drivin' the car.
MP-A cars honk. 
JR-Silly Clowns.
KP-Elephants dance.
CH-I ate popcorn too. 

Ideas for home:
-Find books at the library about the circus and read them. 
-Find pictures on the Internet of the circus and talk about them. 
-Draw pictures of what you think the circus looks like.

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