Friday, January 6, 2012

Pete the Cat and Story Expansion

This week we read the story Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes several times.

Here you can see Miss Stephanie reading and signing the story:

After reading the story a few times we talked about our own shoes and how we love our own shoes. We each sang about the type of shoes we were wearing! Some of us had white shoes, pink shoes, black boots, rainbow shoes, Spiderman shoes, and even Buzz shoes!



This is just one example of how you can take a story and expand on it at home! Ask your child how THEY relate to the story.

Another great way to encourage your child to develop his/her literacy skills is to have your child look at a book and tell the story without words. Some kids will say "I don't know what the words say" and some will jump right in. Encourage your child to look at the pictures and try his/her best to tell the story by using clues they see in the pictures. Understanding that pictures give us clues is a great first step to reading!

Here you can see a video of two students in the afternoon who were sitting independently in the library area reading a story together. Miss Stephanie thought it was a great moment, so she got out her camera and had them start from the beginning.

It is OK if the plot of the story isn't the same. Using pictures as clues to try to understand the story is a great tool! Try it at home this weekend. Pull out a picture book and tell your child, "Read to me!". 

Here you can see a Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes YouTube performance:  

 Check out another Pete the Cat video here:   

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