Friday, November 4, 2011

Putting on a Jacket

As winter gets closer, we have been working on our independence skills. Some of us are still working on putting on our jackets by ourselves. Kids at this age put on their jackets in a variety of ways. Some of us do it just like adults do: one arm and then the other. That is hard for someone of us to manage. Some of us use the "flip it over your head" method. 

Miss Stephanie had some expert jacket put-er on-ers help her make a video so others can practice at home. 

-Fix sleeves of jacket so they are the right way.
-Put jacket on the ground with the tag/hood facing your toes.
-Stick your arms in the sleeves. 
-Keep yours arms in the sleeves and flip it over your head. 
-Your jacket is on!

Another tip:
When you are purchasing winter wear, consider getting mittens instead of gloves for kids who are unable to put on gloves independently. Miss Stephanie and Miss Sandy don't have time to put 120 individual fingers in gloves!

Practice putting on your jacket this weekend!

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