Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hear ye! Hear ye! The Preschool Royalty!

We have spent the last 2 weeks enjoying our new royal status as princes, princesses, knights, kings, queens, and dragons! We thought it was funny to call Miss Stephanie "Your Highness". She thought it was funny too!

We worked on our castle walls in the creation station and then helped Miss Stephanie put them up and make them look like walls and towers. We have enjoyed playing with the props that we made at home for our family projects. In the Construction Zone we have been building castles. We even have a book with pictures of real castles we can look at for ideas while we are building. 

Miss Erin made a SmartBoard activity that she shared with our class. We really enjoyed sorting the castle people from the farm animals during a small group. Later we were able to do it on our own during work time. We had several debates about the noble steed (horse) and the dragon. We decided the noble steed could stay in the barn until the knight needed him.

Do dragons go in the barn or in the castle?? 
What do you think? Why? Ask your child what he/she thinks and post the answer in the comments section below. 


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