Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Visit to the Pumpkin Patch

Today (finally!) we took our walking fieldtrip to the pumpkin patch!

We had a blast walking through the pumpkin patch and seeing the pumpkins in all different stages of the pumpkin life cycle. We also loved seeing the one HUGE pumpkin that Miss Stephanie has. After each picking our own little pumpkin (though Miss Stephanie says it is technically a gourd) we got to sit on her old tractor and pretend we were driving it. Then we all started jumping in the leaves! It was so much fun to jump in the leaves and bury each other.

 AM Class
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PM Class

On the way to school today Miss Stephanie saw something really exciting. She saw a deer in her pumpkin patch! She said the baby deer comes by every day, but this was the first day she saw her in the morning. The baby deer was even starting to follow Miss Stephanie to school! We enjoyed looking at the pictures of the deer.

Ask us:
What did you see at the pumpkin patch?
What did you do at the pumpkin patch?
What was your favorite part of the pumpkin patch?
How does a pumpkin grow?
What color is a pumpkin before it is orange?
What do a pumpkin plant's flowers look like?


Kimberstar said...

Thanks Miss Stepanie for sharing about the pumpkin patch! Zoey had a blast! I was wondering how I can look at pics, never able to bring them up on here.

Miss Erin's Class said...

Hi Miss Stephanie's class! We had so much fun walking to the pumpkin patch with you! It was so cool to see the pumpkins growing in the field! We also loved playing in the leaves with you!