Thursday, October 6, 2011

Llama Llama Red Pajama Day

Today we had our very special Llama Llama Red Pajama Day! We were very excited about this day because the Llama books are some of Miss Stephanie's very favorite books! Whenever she hears a new one is coming out, she orders it right away so she gets it the day it comes out! 

We love the llama books because they are about things we can relate to, they rhyme and are fun for us to read, and we think the llama is funny!

Our Llama Llama Red Pajama day was sponsored by the Pearson Read for the Record program.

In the AM class, we read our book two times. We were VERY excited about the llama stuffed animal we had to help us read the story. We tried to go on the website to read the book on the computer, but the website was down in the morning. In the AM, Mrs. Chris (our principal) stopped by in her red pajamas to bring us our very own copy of the book!

AM pictures:

In the PM class, the website was working again. We enjoyed reading the book online and retelling the story ourselves. In the PM we had special guest stars come to read us the book! Dr. Susan Ali, the Coordinator of Literacy and Learning for U-46, came with representatives from Pearson and a reporter and photographer. Our class was chosen to be spotlighted for this special day. "Ms. Susan" read us the book and she also had a special PowerPoint to go along with it. It is the same one you can find on the We Give Books website! At the end, our special visitors gave all of us copies of the book to take home for ourselves! We were so excited! 

PM pictures:

The website is here:

Other Llama Books

This is the same website that has been featured in our newsletter. It is a great opportunity to share picture books with your child and to expand your library without buying additional books. The website does not "read" the book for you, it is like reading a real picture book! If exploring the books with your child, you can read the books in the typical way. You can also have your child click through the pages and retell the story independently. In addition, when you read a digital book on the website, you can click "donate" at the end and it will donate books to schools in need. If you click on this link, the author will read the story to you!

We had a great day and feel very lucky to have the special visitors come to our class. We are excited to keep reading the books online at home and school.

To read along with the story with your very own llama book, you can watch the video of Miss Stephanie reading and signing here:

To see the story in ASL (American Sign Language) click on this link, scroll down, and click on the video that looks like this:

To read along with the PM class and Dr. Ali "Ms. Susan", you can watch the video here:

Other activities:
-You can visit the Llama Llama website and enjoy some fun games and other online activities. 
-Beyond the book activities that came home in backpacks today can be found here.

Description on the U-46 website.

If you click here, you can read the story to you child. For a neat interaction twist, you can click on the photo of the author and she will interact with you about what is happening on the page!

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