Sunday, September 18, 2011

Turtles and the Classroom

This week we had a surprise when Miss Sarah's class stopped by with some baby turtles they found on the playground. Almost every year a mommy turtle decides our playground would be a great place to lay her eggs. Miss Sarah's class was outside when they started hatching, so they rescued 9 baby turtles! We got a chance to see them crawling around, but we didn't touch them because Miss Stephanie said turtles can have diseases. 

We have been continuing to learn more about the various centers in our room and now almost all of the centers are open for us to explore during work time. The listening center will be the last center to open next week. We are learning that we can make choices about where to play during work time, but we have to follow the routine of picking a matching necklace for that center. If we want to play in the Construction Zone, we need an orange necklace. If we want to play in the Creation Station, we need a purple necklace. If there aren't any necklaces left for that center, it means we need to choose something else for now. Miss Stephanie often reminds us "Check your necklace" if we are in a different center than the necklace we are wearing. 

We also started play plans this week. Play plans are a way we can write and draw about where we want to play during work time. We did really well for our first time!

Check out our pictures from this week!

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