Friday, September 23, 2011

Apple Letters

Apples! Apples! Everywhere!

This week we participated in some fun learning activities with apples. One day we picked apples off the apple tree and matched the uppercase letters with apples we picked from a basket. We talked about the names of the letters and matched the letters by looking at them. 

Kids learn to recognize letters at various speed of development. Developmentally, 3 year olds are expected to know 1-2 letters (usually the letters in their name come first), 4 year olds are expected to know at least 10 letters and 5 year olds (going to Kindergarten) are expected to know at least 32 letters. *There are 54 letters we assess kids on, upper and lower case as well as 2 g's (g/g) and 2 a's (a/a).* In our program we include letters in the environment, letter of the week, and daily activities. We sing 1 of our 4 alphabet songs every day. We do not do worksheets or use flashcards. Most kids learn letters when they are ready. Pointing out letters on signs while you are driving, in the grocery store, or pointing out letters on the cereal box while you eat breakfast are some of the best ways to introduce kids to letters. 

Click on this link to do an online letter jigsaw puzzle with your child:

Our letter this week was B! Click on this link to do an online coloring activity of a baker. Our alphabet puppet was a baker. We talked about different things a baker bakes and decided they all sounded yummy!

Check out our slideshow of playing and then participating in our apple picking!

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