Sunday, January 9, 2011

It's cold in here!

This week we transitioned back to school from winter break. We also began our new , very cold, unit! We are turning our classroom into the arctic!

Some of us wanted to build ice bergs for our arctic animals, so we cut apart white paper and wrapped it around blocks from our Construction Zone. Now we have chunks of ice to build ice bergs!

We also learned that Emperor Penguins are about the size of a preschooler. They are the biggest penguins! We traced a few of us on big white paper and turned our bodies into penguins and then painted them. We will put them in the Construction Zone and see how many blocks it takes to reach the height of an Emperor Penguin!

In the morning class we learned vocabulary for winter clothing. We did this by trying on Ms. Stephanie's jacket, boots, gloves, and scarf!

In our Discovery Zone, we are fishing because we learned that penguins eat fish as their food!

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