Friday, October 16, 2009

Recycling and Fall

This week we participated in recycling activities and fall activities!

We have spent quite a bit of time discussing the difference between recycling and garbage. It is a great topic for home! When you are throwing something away, think outloud about whether it is recycling or garbage before you make your decision. This will help your child make the decision by himself/herself.

We also talked about reducing and reusing. The MWF/M-F classes learned that donut holes used to be just thrown away instead of sold and eaten! We learned about it by having leaves cut out of paper. We used the outside pieces as stencils to draw pictures of leaves and the inside leaf shapes to make patterns. Then we ate donut holes! We have been talking about using all parts of items and not wasting.

There are some videos included in the slideshow of the fun we have dancing at circle time. Please excuse the shakiness of the video....Miss Stephanie was dancing while recording!

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