Saturday, October 31, 2009

Go Away Big Green Monster Party and the Week

This week we participated in a fun recycling/garbage clean up activity. We in extra room and saw that someone had left garbage and recycling all over the place! We picked it all up and sorted it into the garbage can and recycling bin.

The other exciting thing we did this week was go outside and find pumpkins! The pumpkin fairy left some pumpkins in the grass outside of the school. We each got to find a pumpkin and then bring it inside to decorate it.

Here is the slideshow of those two activities:

Also this week we had a Go Away Big Green Monster party on Friday. We rotated around the school participating in different activities. Our class moved around the station with Mr. Keating's friends. It was fun to meet other friends! We read a story and used the Go Away Big Green Monster puppet, we played "Pin the Nose on the Big Green Monster", we did a monster obstacle course, we made Go Away Big Green Monster faces, we decorated monster cookies and moved with some gross motor activities to the Monster Mash. It was a fun day filled with learning and movement as well!

Enjoy the slideshow!

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