Friday, September 11, 2009

Work Time

An important part of the preschool classroom is Work Time (or Centers Time). The last 2 weeks we have spent Work Time learning about the various centers in our room.

These are our centers:

Pretend Play (kitchen, baby dolls, dress up)
Construction Zone (blocks, tools, animals, doll house, cars)
Library (books)
Small Toys (small manipulatives, puzzles, Mr. Potato Head, math manipulatives)
Creation Station (art)
Literacy Lane (writing instruments and paper)
Discovery Center (sensory table filled with various items, science table, magnets)
Computer (only occasionally open!)

The last two weeks we have been making our way around the room to learn about the various centers. We have learned the rules, where to put things away and how to play at each center. Miss Stephanie has pictures for everything! We learned very quickly that she expects everything to be put back where it was found and we did a great job of doing that!

Check out the slideshow of our fun and learning this week during Work Time.

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