Friday, September 25, 2009

Brown Bear Activities and Story Time

This week we continued to participate in Brown Bear activities. We also finished up making all of the pages for our very own Brown Bear books!

One of our favorite activities this week was making our Brown Bear crowns. We listened to Miss Stephanie telling the story and as she read about each of the animals, we placed them on our sentence strip. She said she was very proud of the way we listened carefully and followed along.

Another fun activity this week was with the /b/ sound pictures we brought from home (The T/TH class will do it next Tuesday). We talked about the pictures and the sound they start with. Then we put them on a poster, wrote the names of the words underneath and put the poster in the hallway to share with others in the school.

Enjoy the pictures in this slideshow!

Also, there is a video at the bottom of Miss Stephanie reading her own version of Brown Bear. It is a little like the books we made because each page is textured! We are excited to watch the story on the computer as Miss Stephanie reads it to us! Miss Stephanie would love to know if we look at it at home with our parents and what we thought!

Here is the slideshow:

Here is the story:

Untitled from Stephanie Atwell on Vimeo.

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