Sunday, September 28, 2008

Planting Daffodil Bulbs

As you probably remember, we were supposed to plant daffodil bulbs at back-to-school night, however, the weather did not cooperate. This week we took advantage of the beautiful weather and planted the bulbs in front of our school. We had fun moving the mulch out of the way and digging the holes. Miss Stephanie had to help with a lot of the digging because that dirt was not easy to move! We even learned from Miss Sandy that you have to make sure the pointy side is up when you put the bulb in the ground. Now are are anxiously awaiting some flowers even though Miss Stephanie keeps telling us that we won't see any until after winter comes and all the snow is finished. Bummer! Well, we had fun anyway, even if we have to wait a long time to see some flowers!

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