Friday, December 20, 2013

Run! Run! As Fast As You Can!

We enjoyed our last day before winter break by baking!

We made gingerbread men in our classroom!

We followed a recipe to mix up the dough to make sugar cookies. Then we rolled and cut them out and then popped them in the oven!


When we went to the oven to take them out, they were gone! They had run away!

We had to run around the school and see if we could find them. Miss Bonnie told us she saw them running down the hall and when we got back to our classroom, there they were!

The T/TH kids had to leave to go home and got to bring their new gingerbread friends home. In the afternoon, everyone else decorated them! They were yummy!

Here is a cute YouTube video of the Gingerbread Man story/song to watch at home!  

Here are children at a school for the Deaf acting out the story!

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