Friday, December 14, 2012

Gingerbread Man Baking

We have been reading various versions of The Gingerbread Man over the last couple weeks. Our House Area has new baking supplies added and we have been having fun "baking" during Work Time every day. We have even been bringing the playdough over to the House Area and rolling and cutting out Gingerbread Men! And girls! 

One day we sat together and used the supplies to "bake" Gingerbread Men.

Adding ingredients to a bowl and stirring them. 

Rolling out the dough 

Using a cookie cutter to cut out a shape

Putting the tray in the oven and then waiting.

Using hot pads to take the tray out of the oven.

Using a spatula to move the cookies to the cooling racks.

Trying to catch our delicious Gingerbread Men as he ran away!

In the Science Area (messy table) we have corn meal and oats so we can pretend to bake and stir. Flour is far too messy and gets in the air! But corn meal works well!

You can see other pictures of some of our activities below:

We had our Gingerbread House Family Activity on Wednesday night in the gym. We had a BLAST decorating our Gingerbread Houses. Check out some of our creations below!

Here is a fun song about the Gingerbread Man:

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