Thursday, September 27, 2012

Classroom Fun and Bubble Wrap Fun!

Check out some of what we did this week!

You will see that we have bubble wrap in the science area this week. Why bubble wrap!?! Well, first, because Miss Stephanie LOVES bubble wrap. But second, because it is a great fine motor activity. We have been practicing popping the bubbles with just our 3 fingers instead of our whole hand. It helps us develop strength and dexterity in our fingers! You can read about some other fine motor activities to do at home here!

What else you will see in this video:
-playing in the centers
-matching letters of the alphabet
-drawing on the Smartboard
-making patterns

I hope you have enjoyed the Deaf Awareness Week information! You can see them here as well! Feel free to share with your friends!

1 comment:

Nicki Mann said...

Very cool! Everyone loves bubble wrap! Except for my cat.