Saturday, March 5, 2011

Farewell to the Ocean

We finished up our ocean unit this week. We are sad to say goodbye to the dolphins and fish, but excited to say hello to those pirates who are sailing in next week!

One of the activities we did this week was counting fish by color. We read the sentence "How many -red- fish are there?" and then counted all of the fish of that color. Once we knew how many fish were there, we picked out the matching numeral and clipped a clothespin onto it.

Here is a youtube flannel board color/counting fish activity. I encourage you to watch it with your child. You can count along with the fish.

You can learn how to count to 10 in sign language here:

Counting Activity

Family Activity
For your family activity this week, take a few minutes to watch this video of a huge fish tank with your child. Then you should ask your child to give you 10 sentences that describe something he/she saw in the video.

I saw and orange and black fish swimming.
A yellow fish swam back and forth.
A big blue fish was my favorite.

Here are the pictures from the last 2 weeks of our ocean unit:

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