Saturday, April 10, 2010

Shopping at the Farmer's Market

This week we began our Farm theme. We are talking about all of the things that come from a farm. We are learning that farmers not only take care of animals, but they also grow vegetables too. We learned that they eat some of what they grow, but that they also sell it.

We have a Farmer's Market set up in the pretend play area. We are practicing buying and selling fruits and vegetables when we are in there.

In the construction zone, we have a whole vegetable garden. We can pick the vegetables we want to harvest and take care of our garden. We also have some farm animals and we are building barns for them with the blocks.

In the small toys area we are playing with puzzles about farm animals and fruits and vegetables.

Stay tuned next for even more farm themed centers!

When you are out shopping this week, check out the produce section in the grocery store and talk about the different vegetables. You can also involve your child in the checkout process (adding up the total, giving money, receiving change...or paying with credit!) to help us understand how to work the cash register at our Farmer's Market.

Check out the slideshow of our farm fun this week:

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