Saturday, February 20, 2010

Washing our Hands

One of the things we have been focusing on in class recently is washing our hands correctly. Many of us just get some soap on our hands and immediately run them under the water. Miss Stephanie tells us that is not the right way to wash our hands! She says that is not actually getting them clean!

We have been working on the correct way to wash our hands:
-Turn on the water (it should be warm)
-Get your hands wet
-Get soap on your hands
-Rub your hands together all over (front, back, fingers, thumbs)
-Count to 10 while rubbing
-Rinse them under the water
-Dry your hands

(Hands should really be washed for longer than 10 seconds, but we are taking baby steps. 10 seconds is better than just running them under the water quickly and being done!)

Miss Stephanie really wants us to practice this at home and sat school to help keep us healthy!

Check out the video below!

Check out two videos of friends washing hands to help remind us what to do!

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