Wednesday, May 13, 2009

And out came a beautiful butterfly!

We have 3 butterflies!

On Tuesday at lunch time our first butterfly emerged from its chrysalis! We sat down for circle time and Miss Stephanie looked over and noticed a butterfly moving around! After all of the kids left at the end of the day, Miss Stephanie came back in the room and saw another one! The butterflies were quiet all night and then during music time in the morning another one emerged. We anxiously watched all day hoping to see one come out of the chrysalis, but they must have stage fright, because they just won't do it in front of us!

The first butterfly that came out. He is letting his wings dry and harden. It takes about 1-2 hours. It stretches and strengthens its wings by forcing blood into its veins.

The first butterfly after he opened his wings (about 2 hours later)

The first butterfly likes to hang out at the top of the butterfly garden!

The empty chrysalides.
The red stuff is called Meconium.
It is waste product left over from the butterfly's metamorphosis.

One of our beautiful butterflies.
They are starting to fly all over the butterfly garden.
Now we just wait for the others!

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